Sea Fever brings rum running back to Nova Scotia

“We’ve spent years tasting rums from all over. It’s been a tough job,” joked Glynn Williams yesterday at the launch of Sea Fever rum. Williams, owner of Authentic Seacoast company in Guysborough, is a real hands-on kind of guy. He’s used his investments to grow the village of Guysborough over the past ten years into a full-blown dynamic tourist destination. Williams and a small team are now importing, craft blending and bottling a line of rums called Sea Fever. Three kinds, Amber, Spiced (retailing at $34.99) and Maple Coffee ($35.99) launched yesterday and are already available in Harvest Wines and Bishop’s Cellar private stores, as well as about 40 NSLC locations.

“Rum is an integral part of Nova Scotia’s DNA.” -Williams

At the press conference we were treated to a tasting of the Coffee Maple, straight up, mixed with cream, or the seasonally appropriate egg nog. Williams addressed a small crowd in front of the large windows in Casino Nova Scotia’s Compass Room, with the appropriate backdrop of Halifax harbour. He then took multiple questions. There was an excitement about the product; it seemed to hit a chord with local media as both representative of Nova Scotia’s rum running history, and, delicious enough to foster our inherent taste for rum. As was discussed amongst the small crowd, rum is a cultural drink around these parts. The lore of our province’s lucrative rum-running past hits on the romantic, historical appeal of the spirit. There’s a connection there.

Kicking off the holidays at the Sea Fever launch with rum and eggnog.

Kicking off the holidays at the Sea Fever launch with rum and eggnog.

So how’d it taste?

Very, very good. The craft blend is made from three-year aged Caribbean and Canadian rums, Full Steam Coffee and Nova Scotia maple syrup. A perfect sipping rum (I’ve never said that before), with prominent notes of maple, coffee, liquorice and subtle notes of vanilla and fig. It was absolutely perfect with the eggnog. According to Jordan Dickie (The Viral Barman), mixologists are going to love using this rum to balance the booze in many bourbon, whiskey, rye or scotch based classic cocktails to add a “mature sweetness.” (Thanks Jordan for asking all the expert-level booze questions and letting me hear the answers.)

Soon after, arguably the two best mixologists in Halifax showed up early (to beat the crowd of the 3:30pm industry event), Shane Beehan of Field Guide and Jeffrey van Horne of The Bicycle Thief. It was then the conversation turned into real alcohol geekery, and I have to admit I couldn’t quite keep up. It was so invigorating to see the best local talent interacting and asking (very involved) questions to a producer. A true passion and interest.

Glynn Williams, owner of Authentic Seacoast.

Glynn Williams, owner of Authentic Seacoast.

Growing Nova Scotia’s Economy

Which leads me back to why what Glynn Williams is doing, and why it’s so important. Williams quoted the Ivany Report during his remarks, and how serious his company is about the goal of “tripling exports from the province.” Authentic Seacoast seems to recognize how important producing high-quality, sought-after consumer items is for the economy, as well as creating amazing experiences for tourists that capture the essence of Nova Scotia.

“Our products are becoming increasingly valued exports from our community.” -Williams

Authentic Seacoast Distillery Company will soon be distilling their own spirits, not just importing and blending. A major build is currently underway, with $7-10 million being invested in expanding the beer brewery operation and setting up the distillery. This new part of the operation, which Williams says “will be up and running very shortly,” should create 40 “meaningful and sustainable” jobs in Guysborough, where his company already employs about 22 people. Williams puts his personal touch on almost all products, including helping brew the beer, roasting the coffee, and blending the rum.

A rural empire

Since opening the first Authentic Seacoast business in 2005 Williams has expanded from, in the earlier days, running three properties (DesBarres Manor Inn, Rare Bird Pub and Skipping Stone Café and Store) to owning a rural empire. Companies that have been created out of Williams’ relentless expansion efforts include Authentic Seacoast Brewing Company, Harbour Belle Bakery, Osprey Shores Golf Resort, Mussel Cove Boat Anchorage, Authentic Seacoast Soap, Full Steam Coffee Company, a bottled water business called Glanbùrn Artesian Water, and now he’s cutting the ribbon on Authentic Seacoast Distillery Company Ltd.

Sea Fever Rum is also embarking on a multi-year project with Parks Canada  to age rum at the Fortress of Louisbourg. But that’s another story!

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