Brunch need not be complicated

Smoked salmon bagel at Sully's.

Smoked salmon bagel at Sully’s.

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you may have noticed, I eat a lot of brunch. Like, a lot. I never miss a weekend brunch. And while I do appreciate creativity on a brunch menu, I’ve found time and time again, you don’t really need to stray far from the classic flavour combinations to create a satisfying brunch experience, especially if they’re done well and with a little love.

BLT + fried egg at the Tin Pan.

BLT + fried egg at the Tin Pan.

For example, we spent a night in Grand Pre during ice wine festival last month, and on the recommendation of our amazing server at Le Caveau the night before, ended up at local institution The Tin Pan in Port Williams. Now, The Tin Pan, in reality, is someone’s home and their dining area is what was once a living room, and in many ways still feels like it. They don’t even have commercial kitchen equipment. We ordered a couple B.L.T.’s (served on homemade bread) plus a fried egg, and pan-potatoes. Amazing. Cash only.


Smoked salmon croissant at Tess.

Another example was our recent visit to Tess. Aside from having unbelievably reasonable prices, this is another small, quaint neighbourhood go-to that serves consistent, simple brunch items (and of course their famous crepes). My dish was a combination of smoked salmon, cream cheese, maple syrup and capers inside a buttery croissant. The sweetness of the maple really balanced out the smokiness and acidity of the other ingredients. The rich buttery goodness of the croissant made this an outstanding take on one of my favourite things to eat for brunch, ever.

Just today, we visited Sully’s Roast Beef & Smoked Meat, now open on Agricola, where I indulged in a similar combination once again. This time it was Willy Krauch smoked salmon featured on a Montreal style bagel with cream cheese and a generous sprinkling of chopped red onion. (Side note: They just reopened a couple weeks ago at this new location, and so while it was a little rough around the edges, we enjoyed the food and they smoke the meat in-house.)


The breakfast sandwich at Morris East, Bedford South location.

Morris East has expanded their brunch offering in the past few months and now serve up this little beauty, a classic breakfast sandwich. Local bacon and cheese, a fried egg, lettuce and tomato on the exceptionally soft buns baked by Boulangerie La Vendeenne. Add some kind of potato on the side, in this case a rosti, and you’ve got brunch. Plus they have a deadly caesar featuring their house-made clamato mix.

Where’s your favourite joint for a simple, sometimes greasy, brunch fix?


Tasty Bites from the 11th Annual Savour Food & Wine Show

My fave... no bias I swear! The salmon tartare with avocado and creme fraiche at Saege Bistro's booth.

My fave… no bias I swear! The salmon tartare with avocado and creme fraiche at Saege Bistro’s booth.

Last week I attended Savour Food & Wine on a media pass. This year the event was bigger than ever before and seemed to really gel. The layout was slightly adjusted and the crowd seemed to flow nicely. The noise level never became uncomfortable, and the group was relatively tame, which seem to lend well to everyone experiencing the food and drink in a more involved way. It was a great night.

I still (as usual) was not able to visit every single booth. There were over seventy this year with a close to fifty-fifty split on food and alcoholic beverages. A couple of wines I really enjoyed were Zalze Bush Wines Chenin Blanc (South Africa) which was poured by Franklin Imports, and Real de Aragon Cava poured by Bishop’s Cellar (which won best of show).

Pig trotter from Ratinaud French Cuisine

Stuffed pig trotter from Ratinaud French Cuisine

One of the most delicious bites at the show, for me, coincidentally was the salmon tartare with avocado and creme fraiche on a crostini from Saege Bistro (I could have eaten these all night but limited myself to two). I also seriously enjoyed the stuffed pig trotter with green onion sauce from Ratinaud French Cuisine, 2 Doors Down haddock taco, the smoked meatloaf from The Stubborn Goat. I thought the scallop hotdog was a great idea from Le Caveau, plus I just love their team, so friendly and professional. It was also a pleasure to see the kids from Hope Blooms give the media tour a run-through on their salad dressing line.