Blogging Pays Off


Last week I finally got to take advantage of this super-glamourous blogger lifestyle that I lead.


Seriously though — I did do something quite fun and exciting. I was asked to participate in the Ford Fiesta Media Drive (a.k.a. Let’s Fiesta) event in Ottawa-Hull, and was flown there on Ford’s dime. They even put me up at the gorgeous Hilton Lac-Leamy, on the 17th floor with a lake view. The trip was very whirl-wind (only two nights)… but I managed to pack in some great Quebec food, lots of fast driving, and plenty of fun, new contacts in the blogging world.

Jonathan at was my driving partner for the day. The types of bloggers who attended spanned from tech, to lifestyle, to parenting. Luckily for me and some of the other food bloggers, edible treats were a big part of the day.

Smoked seafood at Chelsea Smoked House, outside Gatineau.

Smoked seafood at Chelsea Smoked House, outside Gatineau.

Check out the slide show below for highlights of the day, driving the Ford Fiesta, and some of the snacks I managed to fit in. You will notice we had an amazing closing night gala with a carnival theme. Yes, there was a giant hot wheels track, arcade racing games and more. Good times.


As I should mention, the Fiesta was super fun to drive. We had a bright red hatchback. There was a built-in screen with navigation, and easy syncing to your smart phone to wirelessly play your own music, or make a phone call… and there’s even an option to have it read your text messages aloud. Good for those addicted to their phones, like myself.

Update: Here’s a video post of our day from the official Ford Blog. Including me answering interview questions!

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