Bacon Deviled Eggs (My Farm-Market-Table entry)


As an hors d’oeuvre enthusiast and overall lover of bite-sized foods… I knew my contest entry had to be an appetizer. I was inspired and pleasantly surprised during my recent trip to Chicago – deviled eggs are on a comeback. Creative and local ingredients are inspiring this classic housewife cocktail party snack to be all that it can be. And guess what? The possibilities are endless.

So how about a Halifax Seaport Farmers’ Market deviled egg? That is what my bacon deviled egg with green onion and parmesran cheese represents – local flavours, available at the market, elevating this traditional hors d’oeuvre to the next level.


3 Hard boiled eggs (Selwood Green local organic free range eggs)

2 Tbsp. Authentic Greek yogurt (Mediterranean Food market stall)

50 g Slab bacon (Getaway Farms’ Meat Mongers) – cut into small bits and one large slice for presentation, if desired

1 1/2 Tbsp. Bacon fat (reserved from cooking)

1/4 cup Green onion (Selwood Green), sliced

1/4 cup Parmesran cheese (Foxhill), very finely grated

1/2 lemon, juiced (Selwood Green)

Handful of kale greens (Riverview Herbs)

Salt & Pepper to taste

Pinch of large flaked sea salt

Dash of olive oil


Cook the bacon bits in a frying pan until very crispy, reserve the bacon fat.

Carefully peel, then slice the hardboiled eggs lengthwise. Gently remove the yolks and set aside in a small mixing bowl. Set aside the hollow egg white halves on a plate.

In the mixing bowl, with the yolks, add about two tablespoons of the reserved bacon fat and 1/4 cup of Greek yogurt. Salt and pepper to taste. Mix up with a fork until the consistency is smooth with little to no chunks of yolk (add more bacon fat if needed).

Add half of the of freshly sliced green onion, and 1/4 cup of very finely grated parmesran cheese (as finely as you can grate it) and gently mix a bit more.

Take a sturdy ziplock bag, cut a hole about the size of your pinky in one bottom corner. Fill carefully with the egg mixture – this will be your piping bag. Pipe the mixture into the cooked egg white halves. Plate as desired (on top of a slice of bacon looks pretty cool), leaving room for greens on the plate.

Top each egg with a couple of the crispy bacon bits, two or three flakes of sea salt, and sprinkle more sliced green onion over top.

For the lemon-dressed kale greens. Just wash the greens, dry them, season with salt and pepper. Then dress with a dash of olive oil, and a generous squeeze of lemon juice – toss.

Each bite of deviled egg should have greens with it – the acidity of fresh lemon matches the fattiness of the deviled egg perfectly.


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