Soft opening @ 2 Doors Down


This isn’t a restaurant review. This is a brief recount of my experience at the 2 Doors Down soft opening weekend; we went on Saturday evening (the second night of operation).

Not that I would have expected anything less, but everything they’re doing at 2 Doors Down is exactly as it should be. It’s the ideal addition to downtown Halifax. We were ecstatic; this is exactly the kind of place that we’ll visit on a regular basis.


In my opinion the small-but-local craft beer offering, on tap, the wine selection and the creative, on-trend cocktail list were just perfect. I ordered a The Old Jamaican, a rum cocktail, (Appleton, lime, mint, simple syrup, cava, bitters) to start.

The menu was relatively small but covered all bases – I like seeing a small menu because I know the chance of consistency and proper execution can be much higher.


As this was a soft opening I can’t say if the dishes will remain exactly as I experienced them – but to me they were done very well. I started with the halibut taco and to my surprise the fish was breaded and lightly deep-fried, with cabbage-apple salad, guacamole, and house-made taco sauce. Great, balanced flavours, nice crispiness and lots of crunch. Delicious. 

As a self-proclaimed veggie burger authority (and part-time vegetarian), I just had to order the “meaty meatless burger,” and weigh in with some feedback (which chef Flinn was very eager to hear). Loved the play on fast food with the presentation! It definitely was a conversation piece. Accompanied with house cut fries and ketchup from scratch was a very satisfying veggie burger. The bun was big and soft, the patty had a ton of flavour, and the grilled portobello mushrooms were a great addition for some non-meat meaty texture. It was the caramelized onion balsamic jam, though, that made the burger. It came across like some kind of heavenly, sticky, sweet barbecue sauce and really stepped this burger up a notch. I’d order it again.


Having checked in on FourSquare, I was offered a house-made treat. This was the kind of cookie that tastes like your grandma made it. Awesome touch. 

We’ll be back (many times I’m sure), and I know the food will just get better and better. Congrats to Craig and the team!


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