FRESH Scallop Experiment

Monday night foodie experiment: fresh Nova Scotia scallops, two ways. Same ingredients, but two slightly different preparations.


The first? A crudo. Very close to eating them raw. A simple, fresh, citrus sauce is prepared, to hit the bowl first. Freshly squeezed and zested lemon and lime, orange juice, Liquid Gold jalapeño white balsamic vinegar, dash of soy sauce, olive oil, freshly grated ginger, and a teeny, fresh hot chile from Riverview Herbs, sliced razor thin. Those babies are HOT. Whisk everything well. Pour.


After slicing the scallop very thin, place on top of the sauce. I also added fresh chives from the back deck, and a few flakes of sea salt. Enjoy outside in the sun and fresh air.

Second preparation: scallop ceviche. Slice more fresh, raw scallops, and place in a bowl with the rest of the citrus sauce, enough to cover. Add freshly chopped chives. Seal with plastic wrap and place in the fridge for at least 30 minutes.


Remove from the fridge, and the acidity of the fresh citrus sauce has done it’s work. The scallops should now have a brighter white colour, having been cooked by acids.

Mine were sealed for a couple hours – the freshness of the flavours had penetrated the scallops’ flesh, acting also like a marinade. The texture was divine, so delicate, smooth and soft like butter. The kick of the chile and ginger was wonderful.

My favourite? The ceviche.


Help Brian get his wish…


Help Brian get his wish…

This is the first post I’ve ever done that’s not related to food.

So it must be important!

My sister Melissa will be repelling down the tallest building this side of Montreal, Fenwick Tower, this June in Halifax, as part of her Rope for Hope team.

Money raised from Melissa’s team will help a ‘wishkid’ get his wish.

Brian is six and his wish is to go to Legoland in Florida. Him and his parents will be at the event in June.

Please follow the link to donate to my sister’s fundraising efforts! Even a little bit counts.

Dinner Club, Round Two

We hosted dinner club just over a week ago. This was our second turn to host (see round one here) and it was another great night with delicious (mostly) local food and copious amounts of good wine.

I’m not going to pretend that I made the food, because Geir took the lead on that. But I did set the table, got the house ready, and worked with my sommelier friend Jonathan Wilson at Harvest Wines to pair the courses.

We started with a cheese and preserves board (which included some awesome bacon jam from our friend Lisa Wood at Fusion Catering), as well as a mango bellini welcome cocktail. After our guests were seated, here is how it all went down…


First Course:

Jerusalem artichoke soup, toasted pumpkin seeds.
Parsley, garlic and lemon gremolata on freshly whipped cream to stir in.


The Nk’Mip Pinot Blanc (BC)


Second Course:

Rustic white bean salad with fresh basil, balsamic drizzle. Served with mesclun greens tossed in a truffle oil vinaigrette


Concilio Arjent Sauvignon Blanc (Italy)


Third Course:

Seared prawns with tomatillo salsa fresca, avocado cream, chili threads


Gaspereau New York Muscat (Nova Scotia)


Fourth Course:

Braised short rib on celeriac puree with double smoked bacon and sweet peas, pea shoots


Vega Sindoa Cabernet Sauvignon (Spain)


Fifth Course:

Apple tarte tatin with housemade Calvados ice cream and apple chip


Your choice of Grand Pre Pomme d’Or or Jost Framboise (both Nova Scotia)

Check out more photos in the gallery…