No frills Irish


Since St. Patrick’s Day weekend is coming up, I thought I’d quickly share my experience at the newest Irish pub in the HRM, Seamus David’s.

Now, I wouldn’t call myself a regular visitor to Dartmouth… especially the crossing. I like to shop (and eat) local, and all, so there’s not much of a draw. However, the man wanted to look at some man store that sells car parts, and Dartmouth is good for that, so I thought I’d tag along and try out this new pub, which is both locally-owned, and not a chain.

After reading a couple hilarious Yelp reviews that claimed the staff there are incredibly sexist (in the favour of tables of all men), I really didn’t know what to expect. This was a Friday and when we arrived for lunch it was absolutely jammed. We picked one of the last couple available tables, and settled in.

I immediately was pleased because they not only offered cider, they offered more than just Strongbow. While Strongbow was the only cider on tap, there were two local ciders by the bottle. I chose my favourite cider, Shipbuilder’s.

The service was friendly and decent – albeit a little slow as the pub got busier, and busier.

The menu didn’t stray much from your traditional Irish pub food, and the prices were pretty  good. I think that’s because the food is very simple and (my guess is) not much is made in house.

I ordered fish ‘n’ chips, and after asking if the chips are hand-cut (the answer is no), I opted for sweet potato fries. The tartar sauce was two packets of Kraft, and the coleslaw very much tasted like it was mass-produced. The fish and batter were great.

So, while Seamus David’s isn’t trying to reinvent the wheel with the food, I think they’re mission is to provide an Irish pub affordable enough for people who work in Dartmouth to eat there a few times a week. The offering of local beer and cider is admirable. This is definitely a place I’d come back to just to have a few pints, or if I’m in the neighbourhood and craving some fried pub food.

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