Birthday Eats Pt. 2


…and I’ve just finally stopped eating and drinking in honour of my birthday. Sort of.

Friday after work we headed to a Meet Your Local event; which was one of a series of events put on by Local Connections Halifax magazine, and awesome local businesses. Yes, a whole lotta local going on there.


This particular event was a food truck and beer party held at Propeller Brewery. The Nomad Gourmet food truck parked in front of the store, and each participant had a ticket good for one burger. While the truck did not offer any sort of vegetarian option for the event, as soon as I walked up Nick let me know the beef was from Getaway Farms, the bun from Fancy Lebanese Bakery, and the bacon from Oulton’s. So I ate a burger.

I had a great night, considering I’m not a huge beer fan, and a very, very selective meat eater (a.k.a. flexitarian). Good times. We also had a great tour of the brewery (by Josh) as part of the event.


Birthday brunch was at Saege (where else?) and Geir had made sure one of my favourite  items would be on the menu. Mushrooms on toast with a poached egg and arugula salad with a white truffle oil vinaigrette. Boom. Accompanied by a glass of Prosecco… I was a happy girl.


Although I don’t have a photo of it, I have to give a shout out to the late night snacks we had on Friday night, hours after the brewery party. Back at a friend’s house we ordered a feast from Euro Pizza… the roasted garlic fingers served with homemade tzatziki. Wow. A must-try… especially if you’re a garlic lover.

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