Birthday Eats Pt. 1

In an effort to get as many great meals out of my birthday as possible, I planned not only more than one birthday lunch, but more than one dinner as well (and I’ll be pushing it into the weekend for brunch). The perks of having your birthday on a Wednesday…

Lunch #1 – (no photo) the seared scallop salad at The Wooden Monkey with greens, toasted almonds and feta. Thanks Anna!

Dinner #1 – My favourite pizza in Halifax (not counting some we make at home, of course) Ristorante a Mano‘s tartufata; can you say caramelized onions, mushrooms, bechamel, parmesan and drizzled truffle oil? It’s rich, it’s luscious… and it’s totally necessary on your birthday.



IMG_3066Lunch #2 – Agnolotti at Gio. Half moon shaped pasta filled with sweet potato, topped with a spicy puttanesca sauce; plus swiss chard, basil and beemster cheese. Wow. This was excellent. The flavour of the capers really came through and the sauce had a very subtle kick. The sweet potato filling was rich and comforting. I really enjoyed this dish. There were fried panko crumbs on top to give a bit of texture.



Just for good measure, here’s Geir’s lunch: the kobe beef burger.



Now off to dinner #2…

Happy Birthday to me!

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