Oh Lala! Playa del Carmen

Oh Lala!

Oh Lala!

Instead of post a blog about Christmas food, I’m going to revisit my recent trip to Mexico. On the last night of our vacation we headed into downtown Playa del Carmen to check out Oh Lala!, a restaurant just off the main drag that features international cuisine.

At the time (about a month ago) Oh Lala! was the second highest ranked resto in town, but now I see it’s taken over the number one spot on TripAdvisor.

We chose Oh Lala! solely for the number of outstanding reviews by both locals and tourists. Because of its location on 10th Avenue, we probably wouldn’t have seen it on a normal stroll through downtown Playa (although it’s really just one street away from 5th). According to the hundreds of rave reviews on TripAdvisor, the food is incredible and the owners are accommodating and friendly. This was absolutely the case.

We had called ahead because we started to get nervous that on a Saturday night, this tiny (patio seating only) restaurant would be filled up. We arrived at 6:30 p.m. with a reservation and were the only ones there.

The chef and owner, George, greeted us at the table and started to make conversation right away. It turns out he is originally from the Netherlands, and owns Oh Lala! with his partner Mikaela.

Seared tuna with soy-butter sauce

Seared tuna with soy-butter sauce

While the meal really was delicious, it was total comfort food… nothing crazy or intimidating. I think the reason a restaurant like this can be rated number one (in a town with several fine dining options) is because the service and attention really sets it apart. While dining there, without question, meeting my needs was the number one priority of all the staff.

I even discussed with George which tuna dish he recommended and why. Then he proceeded to walk twenty feet to the kitchen, prepare it, and help serve it. These personal touches made us feel like we were at George and Mikaela’s house and they were simply making us dinner.

After a week of resort food, here is the meal that made us giddy with excitement (please note we finally found a Mexican wine that was enjoyable)…

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