My last few bites…

I’ve eaten some tasty dishes in the past 24 hours, so I thought I would quickly share them with you…

Saturday night at Chives:

CHIVES Canadian Bistro – Molasses Spice Cured Salmon : Cucumber, red onion and pumpernickel bread salad, free range egg, fromage frais

CHIVES Canadian Bistro – Butter Roasted Sea Trout and Cape Breton Snow Crab:
Smoked haddock potato cake, wilted market greens, pickled beets, lemon beurre blanc

CHIVES Canadian Bistro – Peanut Buster Profiteroles: Chocolate cheescake, vanilla and peanut butter ice creams, honey roasted peanuts, chocolate ganache, caramel sauces

This morning’s brunch at Fid Resto:

FID – Fisherman’s Breakfast: Rosti, Smoked Salmon, Poached Egg and Hollandaise

Delicious cappuccino at FID

What was my favourite? Thank you for asking. It was the molasses cured salmon with fresh cheese at Chives! Kudos to Darren Lewis, the chef de cuisine…

Bland Buffet Food Challenge!

Last week we spent a blissful week on the Mayan Riviera in Mexico, soaking up the sun and doing those predictable, touristy things that you do when having chosen a vacation that takes as little brain activity as all-inclusive resort. It was awesome.

While we did have one fantastic meal (and Mexican wine) at a tiny restaurant in Playa del Carmen, the food during the rest of the trip, sadly, was very uninspired.

To liven things up near the end of the week, we faced each other in an intense, head-to-head bland buffet food challenge. Two courses: salad and main. The objective: to create something fun, well-presented and tasty using only items from the resort’s mediocre buffet. (Side note: the rest of the resort was amazing).

We obviously could not judge our own competition, and both were sure of our own victories. Granted, I was competing against a red seal chef, so I don’t think the odds were in my favour. You let me know who you think won…

Geir’s Salad Course: Play on traditional Caesar

Laura’s Salad Course: Spinach Salad with Cactus, Balsamic & Oil, Parmesan and Capers. Jicama with “Aurora” Dressing. Cabbage Salad, Mushroom and Queso Fresco.

Pretty impressive, right?

Geir’s Main: Creamy Poblano Tacos, Accompanied by Traditional Guacamole, Salsa Verde and Pico de Gallo, Purple Cabbage and Fresh Lime

Laura’s Main: Play on English Fish n Chips – Potatoes Three Ways (fried, roasted and mashed), Breaded Fried Fish, Cabbage Slaw, Dressing with Capers, Peas… garnished with lime (no lemons available)

Yeah, I totally cleaned up… right? Comments please!