Foodie firsts at the 2012 Canadian Chefs’ Congress

See that little white and black thing? That’s bowhead whale meat. Yes, I ate whale. And that’s just one of many firsts I experienced during my time at the Canadian Chefs’ Congress in Grand Pre these past few days.

From Sunday through Wednesday morning, we camped at the stunning Evangeline Beach in Grand Pre (Annapolis Valley) for the third Canadian Chefs’ Congress.

Since I ate SO MUCH food, and saw so many different things, and met so many chefs, I’m going to highlight only my five foodie firsts, as experienced during the congres

1. Tasted bowhead whale, on a bed of sea vegetables, accompanied by a turbot ceviche spoon and wild arctic char gravlax (pictured above). If you’re wondering if I enjoyed the whale… the answer is “no”. (Hard, chewy and not very flavourful).

2. Ate a fish taco made with hand-rolled and grilled on-site bannock. Again this was arctic char, and had a delicious homemade hot sauce in there.

3. Shucked my first oyster at the PEI booth during the Best of Country Luncheon. It wasn’t as hard as I thought!

4. Ate elk loin and duck sausage. Kale two ways (crispy and with hemp butter) and a bit of heat on the plate really made this colourful looking dish come alive. Yum.

5. Tried whole-roasted pig from an outdoor spit. This baby roasted for about seven hours and still was a little pink – but I got one small end piece that was crispy, and pretty tasty!

Those along with churning ice cream for the first time made for a pretty interesting and amazing Chefs’ Congress experience. I’m lucky I got to go along for the ride!

For more photos of the dozens of unique dishes I tried, visit my Facebook page.

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