Hot Noodles in a Cold Room

Here’s a really quick post that will make you sweat just a little bit more in this summer heat. I’m going to be completely preoccupied at Tall Ships for the next five days on the waterfront (see you at the local wine & beer tent), so I won’t have any time for blogging.

On Tuesday my sister and I went to Star Anise Vietnamese Noodles Restaurant, looking for a case of the noodle sweats. Now, I hadn’t been there in about four years, but I remembered that it was simple, authentic and delicious. It still is.

The room is nothing fancy, but thankfully it was nicely air conditioned. After starting with a freshly deep-fried vegetable spring roll, I ordered the curry shrimp with noodles soup, which only had one chili pepper icon beside it. I could probably take more chili peppers, but this curry had just enough heat for me to feel it, without being uncomfortable.

My sister ordered a barbecue beef pho, which had beautiful slices of nicely cooked beef in a magnificent looking broth.

My noodle soup arrived in a gigantic bowl, as you can see from the above photo, with a piece of lemon, and lots of nicely sized shrimp. There were also vegetables, cooked perfectly (still a bit of crunch), and a pile of vermicelli rice noodles. It was so flavourful, and huge, that I couldn’t even finish my soup. We stuck with water, and we left paying about $15 each for a fantastic Tuesday night noodle fix. Also, service was friendly and quick. We were in and out in an hour. I’ll be going back!

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