Weekday Brunch at The Coastal

Originally posted in September 2011

So when I got back from Europe, I had a glorious two weeks of downtime before school started. I seized this opportunity to finally be able to get a seat at Coastal Cafe on Robie Street. Damn, that place is always so packed on the weekend, and I hate standing in the doorway looking around and feeling awkward, because it’s super small in there, and everyone stares at you. True story.

So the two of us had our choice of table, on a Wednesday morning I think it was, and I excitedly looked at the menu, which I understand is changed up on a regular basis. (I have eaten here once before but it was probably two years ago.)

I ordered my latte from Kate, the manager, who I graduated high school with and she briefly told me about her jealousy of my Europe trip, that she had been checking out via Facebook and my Posterous site.

I love the coffee at Coastal. From my previous trip there I remembered how good it was. And the people who work there know what they’re doing. I’m talking beautiful foam!

The menu item that caught my eye, not surprisingly, was The Sophisticat, an open-faced chive omelette with smoked salmon, asparagus, chevre and new potato salad. There was also a delicious and a very thin crostini on top.

This was a fantastic dish. The presentation was great. The crostini gave some nice height and there were lots of colours and textures going on here. It’s also a very filling breakfast dish.

As you can probably tell by reading the description, the flavours in that dish are all born to be together: chives, smoked salmon, chevre and asparagus? These are commonly put together in various dishes, and the combination never fails to satisfy me!

The addition of the new potato salad was nice, the dressing was creamy but not too heavy at all, tasted very fresh. I would assume freshly squeezed lemon juice was what really lightened it up.

The omelette base was great, nice fresh chives, and the crunchiness from the asparagus as well as the crostini was a perfect touch. The lemon in the potato salad dressing really saved the day. It could have used maybe one more thing that had a bit of acidity as all of the main components were very rich ingredients in flavour, and had thick textures as well.

My brunch date (Mr. Chef) had Les Oeufs Habitant, which consisted of three fried eggs, a Montreal bagel Croque Monsieur with Montreal bacon, OKA cheese, and maple baked beans. It sounded like a winner, and overall he enjoyed it, but he was a bit put off by the fact that the bagel was cinnamon. It didn’t mention this and I thought maybe they had run out of other bagels. Who knows. Still enjoyable.

Overall a great brunch experience. Coastal is known for changing up the menu pretty regularly so I will be back to try some other menu items soon! And now that I’m a student, I can get in on weekday morning.


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