Smith’s Bakery: Simple Food in the North End


Originally posted Feb. 8, 2012

Smith’s Bakery had caught my eye many times while driving on Agricola, but never had I actually stopped to go check it out.

We were looking for a new place to have a quick lunch. So I checked out the Yelp reviews on the drive, and they were fantastic. We quickly found street parking and wandered in.

The space is tiny, with maybe 20 seats, a few of them being stools in front of the windows. We sat a table and looked at the laminated white menu lying in front of us. One side had the cafe menu, and the other side had the bakery prices.

I loved the front counter, where you ordered. There were two huge chalk boards hanging above it with most of the cafe prices, adding character to the small room. Wooden racks of baked goods were behind. There were also two big glass cases under the counter filled with pre-made foods. They do pizza, quiches, baked beans and more.

The prices were doable. I settled on a tuna melt for $6.50, made with their multigrain bread. We decided to split a large corn chowder ($5.79) and a chose the tea biscuit to go with. My lunch date went for a Reuban, the most expensive sandwich, for $8.39. We shared a drink. Lunch for two was around $23.

I love me a good sandwich, made with homemade bread. Sometimes there’s nothing better. Ours were served with pickles, and regular potato chips.

My only problem was that my tuna melt was made with processed cheese. HUGE black mark. If I go back, and order that again, I would have to ask them to make it with real cheese, or no cheese at all. I can’t do fake cheese.

The bread was delicious, and I could actually only finish half my sandwich it was so large. So, good value. I had a snack for later.

My date’s Rueban was pretty good, but it didn’t have Dijon, so it lost points. He’s a mustard snob, and it was regular French’s yellow. The humanity!

I really enjoyed the corn chowder, and the tea biscuit was heavenly.

When I want a simple, hearty lunch, I will definitely re-visit Smith’s Bakery.


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