Eating on the Rock: The Rooms Edition


Originally posted May 14, 2012

Alright, so I’ve been back in Halifax for a couple weeks already, and this post is a bit tardy. During the last week of my internship at Downhome in St. John’s, some of the editorial team headed to The Rooms complex for lunch.

The Rooms sits near the top of the giant, steep hill that is downtown St. John’s. It houses a museum, gallery, performance space, event space, etc.

This place is incredible – I wish I had explored it more. We went to café located on the top floor, which has floor to ceiling windows and offers the most incredible view of the city.

I had heard great comments about it’s restaurant since I arrived in St. John’s at the end of March. It didn’t disappoint!

Pictured at the top are my risotto cakes. They were sliced in a triangular shape and I think pan-seared. They were topped with an array of perfectly roasted vegetables, rosé sauce, Parmesan cheese and a slight balsamic drizzle.

Overall the dish was quite rich – but the sauce had nice tomato and garlic, and the little bit of balsamic glaze was a perfect touch. The risotto cakes fell apart in the middle when I was eating them, but it didn’t matter, the flavours were really great.

I shared the strawberry rhubarb pie a co-worker. The filling was nice and tart, with enough sweetness, and I thought the presentation was quite cute. The crust was not flaky at all though, so that took away from the dish.

My editor Janice, and assistant editor Ashley (fellow King’s grad) each ordered this chocolate croissant sticky pudding that they wouldn’t stop talking about. It was pretty much the reason we went there. It doesn’t look like much but is apparently the best dessert around!

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