Dinner Club from the Farmers’ Market


Originally posted Feb. 26, 2012

We’re still in the first round of our new dinner club, and it was our turn to host this past Friday night. Of course, we wanted to show off a little bit, it being our first go, and, use as many locally sourced ingredients as possible. Our theme was “From the Farmers’ Market”, which we followed strictly for our savoury courses, but strayed a little for the sweets.

We paired our seven course meal with wines from all over the world, one being from NS. Below are photos of each course with captions! Let me know what you think in the comments section.

First Course:

Salad of roasted golden beets, honey crisp apple and

goat’s cheese. Blood orange infused oil & lime vinaigrette.

Topped with arugula.

Avocado oil on the plate.


Freixenet Carta Nevada (Cava)

Second Course:

Parsnip soup with whipped cream,

roasted pumpkin seeds

and fresh chives


Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc

Third Course:

Norwegian style haddock

fish cakes,

pickled cucumber salad,

dill and lemon yogurt


Jost Eagle Tree Muscat (NS)

Fourth Course:

Peach & Mango Sorbet

Fifth Course:

Roasted rack of

(Northumberland) lamb,

heirloom carrots, celeriac purée, Brussels sprouts leaves,

braised shallots & double smoked bacon demi glace

Pairing: McManis Zinfandel

(note: not a great pairing)

Sixth Course:

Dessert Trio

Crème brûlée,

chocolate cake with anglaise,

and strawberry ice cream


Botter Moscato

(sparkling dessert wine)

Seventh Course:

CHEESE and Port

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