Be a Tourist in Your Own City

Originally posted March 14, 2011

There always seems to be more to see and more to discover in Nova Scotia. One of my most favourite things to do on a Sunday is to go for a drive and explore nearby areas, stopping at hole in the wall type diners, offbeat stores or anywhere that catches my eye.

This past weekend we did just that on a drive through Dartmouth and up the coast line near the Jeddore area. On the way there, just outside the city in Eastern Passage, there is a small touristy area with several restaurants and Nova Scotia themed stores, amongst docked boats and lobster traps. Maybe the reason I have never been there before is because it is such an obvious tourist pull, having all the classic fishing themed props and village style buildings. That being said, it does have a certain charm, and although it was completely dead and most of the businesses are closed for the off season, just getting out of the car and walking around made me feel like I was a tourist on vacation, allowing me see a part of HRM through the eyes of a visitor and not a resident.

The new found mild weather had put Spring into our thoughts, and I managed to capture a few nice photos of the area while we enjoyed the day touring around. Our good moods were heightened with the idea of an oncoming season full of sunny days and road trips.

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