Epicurious Morsels


Originally posted May 3, 2011

While strolling through the Hydrostone Market this past sunny Saturday, my sister and I were lured into the tiny yet charming bistro Epicurious Morsels. The small chalk board brunch menu poised in the window promised reasonably priced homemade favourites, however, once we got inside it was the lunch feature that I fell for.

The dressed up hole-in-the-wall interior was made classier with white linen and tasteful touches like framed black chalkboards and artwork. In the back an open kitchen was featured, showing off the sights and sounds of a talented Chef working on his dishes.

The mid-range, traditional style menu with French influence offered many tempting choices, and until I heard the lunch feature, I had my mind on brunch. A homemade salmon burger accompanied by house-made tartar sauce, along with the soup du jour – curried carrot with mango chutney – was too perfect to resist. My sister opted for a traditional Cobb salad.

We had started off by ordering $9 mimosas thinking that this would be a splurge item, only to be surprised by an original execution of the classic brunch beverage. Presented to us by our waitress were champagne flutes filled about a quarter of the way with orange juice, along with a mini bottle of Henkell Trocken sparkling wine, she then topped off the juice with the wine to create our beverage. We were each left with the remainder of our mini bottles, along with an adorable small pitcher of orange juice, to finish mixing mimosas throughout our meal. I love this idea and my mimosa actually had much more value than I originally anticipated.

My salmon burger arrived on freshly baked focaccia bread that had an amazing texture and flavour. The simple lettuce, tomato and house-made tartar sauce were all my well-seasoned salmon burger needed to complement it on this delicious bread. The patty was done nicely, still showcasing the dense salmon texture and rich flavour; this burger was not overcooked in the least.

The curried carrot soup had a velvety smooth texture and beautiful colour. I was hard pressed to pick up on much curry flavour, however did come across a few chunks of the mango chutney, which was a nice addition of sweetness. Regardless of the lack of curry kick, this flavour might have just been subtle enough to bring forth the proper highlights of the other ingredients, as I did find the soup’s flavour overall to be very, very nice. My sister’s Cobb salad looked fresh and delightful with large chunks of smoked turkey, and according to her it was as good as it looked.

We were the last diners to leave the restaurant for their brunch/lunch hour and the Chef (and I believe owner) even stopped by to ask us about our meal. Our waitress was professional and attentive, leaving us enough privacy to chat, yet still meeting our needs in a timely manner. I would definitely visit Epicurious Morsels again for brunch, especially once the patio goes up, and I imagine at night it would make an intimate, romantic dinner destination. Another little gem in Halifax I am happy to have on my radar!

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