FOOD… in Amsterdam

With less than 48 hours in Amsterdam, and rainy weather, we spent most of our time indoors in either restaurants, coffee shops or watching Harry Potter in 3-D at the coolest cinema ever.

The first thing we ate was horrible Greek food on the main strip that was so bad I didn’t even take photos. Shocking, I know. The first hint should have been the all East Indian staff. Not a Greek person in sight.

The next morning we had brunch and I enjoyed a TUNA club sandwich (seemed to be a thing there) and fries! Then after the Heineken Tour (saving that for another post) we had an early dinner at an Italian restaurant with lots of character, as you can probably tell from the photos. My garlic cheese toast and four cheese creamy pasta (that I added more cheese to) both were DELICIOUS. Comfort food.

I also included a photo of our airport snack, giant chunks of Old Holland cheese with water crackers from a cheese booth right at the airport. Nicest airport ever! Not enough time in Amsterdam… I’ve never seen so many restaurants in such close proximity. I could spend a while there!

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