Wine Tour in Chianti

Originally posted in July 2011

I won’t write too much about this fantastic day we spent in the Chianti region in Tuscany near the end of our time in Italy. The photos of the landscape and winery really speak for themselves.

We started the day sprinting to catch the bus since our alarm failed to go off, but after our first stop of brunch and wine at a farmhouse, we quickly forgot about our earlier misfortune! You’ll see the photos of cheese, meats and bread along with the farmhouse store vegetables. Yes, I even indulged with a tiny taste of prosciutto! The white wine was Vinsanto, a bit sweeter and perfect for brunch with the cheeses and homemade preserves.

We visited Casa Sola for a guided tour and tasting at the winery, located in Chianti Classico. We only tried two wines, the Chianti Classico and the Chianti Classico Reserva, along with some delectable and fragrant olive oil, also made on site!

I was interested to see the old world approach to wines, after having been to so many new world wine tours in Oz and New Zealand. What I heard was right, our guide was intense, cut-and-dry, and very unapologetic and matter of fact about their wines and their quality. A great day! And perfect weather.

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