Santorini Specialties

Originally posted in July 2011
Our last couple days in Greece, in Santorini, were a blast. Check out my photos of the island specialties and more: in Perissa Beach whole silver snapper with rice and fries, Santorini watermelon, local rose wine, baklava, then on a small island I tried the famous deep fried tomato balls (there is also a photo of souvlaki ready to be put on the grill) in Oia, we watched the famous sunset and sampled a fava bean purée, Greek pasta with feta and olives, and a delicious glass of local red wine that reminded me of a NZ Pinot bit spicier and with a very dry finish. Yum!

The Frappe – A Greek Tradition

Originally posted July 20, 2011

We arrived in Athens two days ago with a few hours to kill before the ferry to Mykonos. My first experience with food or drink was in a coffee shop (with free wireless) where we ordered iced coffees. The coffee is strong and I prefer it without sugar, which the Greeks find surprising. Once on the ferry I had some oregano flavored potato chips, which were delicious, and a grilled cheese sandwich. Not exactly super Greek yet.

Mykonos might be the most romantic place I’ve ever seen. The first night we managed to stay up and beat the jet lag with a bottle of rose on the beach.

The next morning I was introduced to the Greek tradition of the “frappe”. I have to admit I didn’t know that they invented it. Again, I won’t order one with sugar, but only a bit of the condensed milk that they use.

These frappes are out of this world. It is one of the most delicious coffees I’ve ever tasted, and no its not blended like Starbucks’ version, there are chunky ice cubes in it. Of course I’ve also wasted no time having a Greek salad (with capers in it here) and calamari… which were both as delicious as expected.

Six Sleeps ’til Europe

Originally posted early July 2011

Only six more sleep until I leave for Europe. I really want to share my trip with everyone and I want to journal about my food/wine experiences while I’m there. Unfortunately, there is no iWeb application for my iPad. So I’m going to use a Posterous page, which seems very convenient. I can even email in my posts and they’ll make it look good for me. I like that. So stay tuned, I bought the iPad camera adapter so I’ll be posting lots of photos! Greece and Italy in the first two weeks – get ready to drool.