Freelance Writing & Content Creation

View my latest contributions to Curated Food & Drink Magazine here.

Professional Bio:

I am a published freelance writer and content creator based in Halifax. My focus is working with clients to develop both long and short form, written content, for a variety of outputs – ranging from online and digital to social media and print.

While my client interests are varied, my personal callings have had a major influence on my professional life; I am constantly traveling, eating, writing about my meals at home and abroad. While these are personal activities they so often roll into my professional relationships; attracting many food and hospitality based clients, publishers and partnerships.

Read more about my client portfolio here. Or, check out my LinkedIn profile for a more extensive resume.

As a freelance writer based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, I’ve contributed to:

  • FASHION Magazine
  • Curated Food & Drink Magazine
  • East Coast Living
  • Halifax Magazine
  • Westjet Magazine
  • Travel Maritimes
  • Downhome Magazine
  • SOAR Halifax Magazine


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